I planned short escape to Queenstown to celebrate my 6 year anniversary with my partner. Little did she know I had an extra special surprise waiting for her atop a mountain at sunrise. I won’t spoil the story by writing it out here. I think those sorts of stories are best told over a drink rather than trivialised on the internet but as so many things have throughout our time together, everything fell into place perfectly for my plan, despite my nervous worrying and desperate attempts to plan the whole thing out.  

My nervous energy turned to elation when she said ‘Yes!’ and the sun burst through the clouds bathing us in golden light- a sign for sure!  We spent the rest of our weekend enjoying the natural beauty this area has to offer. If it wasn’t already, with these memories, this place is surely one of my favourites on earth.

Special thanks to Emily Adamson Photography for not only capturing this moment but playing tour guide and host as well!