I didn’t shoot these with the intention of putting them up for display but I was so pleased with the results I decided to share!

As the title implies, these photos are of small things! Shot with a new macro lens- a Nikon AF-S Micro 60mm f2/8G ED N for, my fellow photo nerds.

For the less nerdy, a Macro lens is designed to shoot things at very close distances and I have been interested in been giving this a try for a while! So when this new lens arrived I was quick to jump right in and carried around for a weekend snapping all sorts of stuff! 

I’m sure there will be lots more to come, but here are my initial attempts at macro photography!



Also introducing another recent addition: a 1979 Nikon FE.  More on this soon!













As these last few shots show, the lens isn’t just good for close up shots! It’s short depth of field gives character to regular photograhy as well! It also responds beautifully to natural light and super clear, sharp images at higher appertures.  

 I can only promise that this magical golden light is real, I have walked through this intersection many times and hoped I would get there at golden hour with a camera at some point! I finally was in the right place at the right time! And the new glass didnt dissappoint either!

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