I’m breaking out of my new monthly newsletter format just this once, to bring you an extra special bonus post! 

These have not yet seen the light of day and had sat un-edited on my hard-disk for quite a while as I didn’t really know how to treat them and when I did finally do them justice in the edit, they didn’t really fit in with my page’s style. I felt that this was an injustice so I’m glad to finally be able to bring them to you.

This was ANZAC day in Sydney this year. I got up before dawn and headed into the city to catch the parade. It sounds weird to wish rain on someone’s parade, but the rain that drenched the city really added mood to these scenes and didn’t dampen the spirit of a single soul, young or old.  

I was chasing a street-photography style of image, as this is a style of photography that I really enjoy and I have a lot of respect for the masters of this field- being able to not only be in the right place at the right time but also to capture it beautifully, is something in my eyes at least that requires a particularly well honed set of skills behind the camera as well as being in tune with the world around you.

I’ll let you decide if you think that’s what I’ve done here, but at least you can see where my mindset was when I took these. The processing used on these is an replica of Kodak Ektar 100 film which is a nod to the film photographers who really inspire me in this genre.

And speaking of nods of respect, LEST WE FORGET.