Bombo Quarry:

This was supposed to be an afternoon of shooting on the Southern Highlands and South Coast with friend and fellow ‘tog Alex from Visual Cocaine however our plans were rudely interrupted biblical rain storms all afternoon. The only stop-over on the entire trip where we actually took the cameras out was the Bombo Quarry and what a location it was! The scale of this place is deceptive as was the size of the swells rolling in! Let’s call this trip my reconnaissance run, I simply must return here and spend more time now I know my way around! 
Sydney Opera House
This outing was a big confidence booster for me. I set out to find a “clean” shot of one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks. I had a few spots in mind and due to renovations, only one was accessible on the day. I walked up, framed my shot and had the shot nailed after only a few adjustments. This is an incredibly satisfying feeling as a photographer
Mona Vale Rockpool
Returning to this old favourite location of mine, I encountered massive swells which swamped the pool!
Mount Wilson
One of several stops on an afternoon tour with some friends, we were astounded to find Mount Wilson virtually empty! We thought we’d missed most of the autumn colour this town is famous for (more on that later) but I fired off a few shots anyhow.
Last time I visited here, it was my Birthday and I had only a short time to shoot before I had to rush to work, so I took an opportunity to have a second attempt. Much nicer light on this occasion, lots of surfers out and a moderate but fairly gentle swell. Well at least I thought so until a rogue wave smashed into the side of the pool and soaked me- the dark shadow looming in first frame below was was the first clue that I was about to become very wet!
About to call it quits on a failed sunset attempt on the north western fringe of Sydney, I spotted this old beauty for sale by the road side and jumped out to grab a few shots in the afterglow of sunset. I’m quite pleased with the result.
Cockatoo Island
Here a few shots from the Cockatoo Island Photowalk with The Photowalk Guys which also happened to coincide with the Biennale of Sydney on the island.


Narrabean Pool

This has become a favourite location of mine as there as so many options for composition. 


Mount Wilson- Chapter II

As I hinted above, we weren’t quite done with this little hidden paradise of distilled Autumn. We snuck in one last trip before the colour faded for this year and in doing so discovered a few little hidden pockets off the tourist map. I’m not often secretive about the places I visit, but I’m definitely keeping this location to myself. That’s not to say I won’t encourage you to go search for it, because really that’s half the fun of what I do with my photography!