So let’s have a look at what August looked liked from behind my lens- I was busy!

Astro-Photography at Turrimetta

I’ve always been fascinated with astro and star photography, and recently have begun to attempt this myself, I have plenty to learn, but this particular example gives me hope that there might be something in this yet! Shot this from the headland looking down onto Turrimetta Beach.

Sydney CBD- Photowalk with Matthew Harper

I took an opportunity to show one fellow photographer, Matthew Harper, who hails from Bathurst, some of the Sydney night photography spots around the CBD, my favourites from the walk were my old faithful spot on the Cahill walk, and Angel Place, which somehow had eluded my lens until now.

Bradley’s Head Photowalk

It’s always a pleasure to join The Photowalk Guys on one of their outings, and this is one of the best in recent memory- this stunning harbour location only got better when we added a top sunset and then some fire with the help of Rene.

Cavallino’s // Sydney Automobile Club – August Meet

I have definately found my happy place. It serves supercars, classics and modern heroes under a rising sun, and puts a hot coffee in hand to wash it down as I float around with my camera.

Chasing the Blue Waves- Mona Vale

You’re going to have to excuse my pun, but this was a bit of a weird one straight out of the blue.  A natural phenomenon that I had seen in only in pictures was occuring in Sydney late in August. A particular type of algae was washing into Sydney’s beaches that has bioluminescent characteristics- which in short means it glows in the dark, in this case a bright electric blue. This is triggered by aggitation of the material in the waves- the effect is like something out of a fantasy movie! Waves would roll in and flash momentarily with a bright neon blue, often a multiple places across the wave, causing the waves to flash much like a storm cloud with lightning as they rolled in. Magic.


Trying desperately to cling onto the last moments of a Sunday afternoon, I spent a while watching the waves and the world floating by at Avalon beach.

V8 Supercars- Sydney 400

The V8 Supercars returned to the Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek) in 2014 and I was lucky enought to be trackside with some nice telephoto glass to play with.  I waited patiently for the light to come to me and I was rewarded, with some amazingly lit shots of two of my racing heroes!