Here is a small collection of photos that I have taken, all within the past 2 weeks since the last post.  I have been loving the light and the blue skies that autumn has brought with it!  If my previous post was all about wide angle photos, city landscapes and lights; then this one is about close-ups, nature, colours and textures.
The setting sun lights up some maple leaves.  I like the contrast here and the rainbow coloured reflections that appear on some of the stems.
The birds probably didnt appreciate my hijacking of their bath, but I think they would agree the results are worth it!  Something about this photo makes me want to reach in and touch the stones..
Getting this photo was an afternoon’s work alone.  I chased this lone bee around the garden for ages, he doesnt stay in one spot for long!
Why did I take a photo of some dead flowers? I’m not entirely sure! But the textures are interesting and the brightly lit background fit in with the theme..
 Some cooler colours as the sun started to fade away..
I included this because of the contrast to the other images and the texture, unlike my image of the stones, I probably wouldnt touch this one..

Yes the sky really was that blue!  Theres something kind of alien about this image, but I really like it!