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January 2015 Highlights

January was a time of rest for this photographer, but I did kick off my photography for 2015 in a pretty special way.  Seeing sunrise over Sydn[...]

Europe 2014- Visual Diary

He woke up, still didn't know how he got there Still wasn't sure why either A believer of sorts Believes in the faith that he found in the places he's[...]

Europe 2014- Postcards

It's been nearly 6 months since I fell off the map. But this was no accident. I didn't fall off the map, rather by design I took myself across the oth[...]

August 2014 Highlights

So let's have a look at what August looked liked from behind my lens- I was busy!Astro-Photography at TurrimettaI've always been fascinated with astro[...]

July 2014 Highlights

Here's a little look at what I clicked in this year's mid-winter month: Hardy's Bay A little piece of quiet coastal paradise, tucked away in a c[...]

June 2014 Highlights

Variety is the spice of life they say, and I think the collection of images I published in June is proof that, in fact I think the only common theme m[...]

May 2014 Highlights

May was a much more intense month for me, so instead I'm only bringing you two stories, but I'm digging a bit deeper and bringing you some b[...]

ANZAC Day Special 2014

I'm breaking out of my new monthly newsletter format just this once, to bring you an extra special bonus post!  These have not yet seen th[...]

April 2014 Highlights

Bombo Quarry:   This was supposed to be an afternoon of shooting on the Southern Highlands and South Coast with friend and fellow 'tog Alex from Visua[...]

March 2014 Highlights

I think March could be summed up for me as a month of vivid and atmospheric landscape images. Let's have a look at where I've been this month: Bron[...]

February 2014 Highlights

It seems a little disappointing to be saying good-bye to summer on such a dreary rainy Friday evening. But I don't mind, firstly it's the perfect sett[...]

January 2014 Highlights

"PROGRESS is impossible without CHANGE" The time for change has finally come and I have started working on a whole new format with which I can bring[...]

Welcome 2014- Sydney Harbour NYE

Evening one and all! Hope that 2014 has start off nicely and that you have all recovered from your respective New Years celebrations by now. If not, [...]

Bare Island

It's been a long road, but I'm finally able to write to you with some good news that I've been waiting to bring for too long- I'm back! Where did I [...]

Wonderwalls & other Adventures

Landscape photographers and street photographers are typically two very different breeds of person.   A landscape photographer may spend 30 minu[...]

Sculptures by the Sea 2013

I remember the first dawn session I did, helping a friend out with his lighting for a fashion shoot.  Still being a slack uni student at the time[...]

WTAC 2013: Heroes

If you've taken the time to read this, then you probably already know what the World Time Attack Challenge is and your Facebook newsfeed will have be[...]

The Search

The story of a Sunday adventure... Something that has been in my own and Lina's sights for a while, has been to shoot a Canola field.  We had never[...]

Bronte Photo Walk

It's been a massive week for me already and it's only Monday night! For once, I don't have much to say. But I don't think I need to, the sunrise that [...]

Northern Adventures

So here it is then. The big one. I've been talking about this post for a while now.  I've been editing it for even longer.  I was talking about [...]

Vivid Sydney 2013

My photographic attack of this year's Vivid Festival was punctuated by the Sydney's usual winter weather antics- rain, wind and even thick fog.  Despi[...]

Falling Waters

I'm normally a very calm considered person, I like to plan things out before I do them and generally that works well for me.  I even enjoy the process[...]

Autumn Adventures

My friends often ask me if I ever actually get any time to stop enjoy the places and things I seemingly spend all of my time photographing. They see m[...]

First Light at the Quay

I've talked before about the rush I get doing dawn and sunset shoots.  There is a adrenaline rush in trying to capture this special light that we get [...]

Newcastle Roadtrip

It's a sad time for me every year when daylight savings ends.  I remember as a child getting sad because I lost an hour of playtime outside after scho[...]

Summer Stories

"They say don’t live in the past and live each day like it was your last but,  I’d rather live each moment like it was my first" - Hilltop Hoods   [...]

Summernats 26

Happy New Year from Lensflare!   After a long radio silence I'm back! And boy have I got some stuff to share! More of that stuff later though, lets [...]

Eurofest by Allstars

When I think of Europe and it's car culture, it isn't usually an image of heat, sweat and sun. Yet somehow that's what Sydney threw at Wilson Park, Si[...]


This is a shoot that nearly didn't happen, thanks mostly to my beloved car failing me in spectacular style (apparently the only style that any of my c[...]

On the edge of the Tempest

So to explain my cryptic comments in my earlier post tonight, let me paint you a picture... In semi-delirious state yesterday night after having wo[...]

Sculptures by the Sea 2012

I was going to bring you this coverage last night, but normal transmissions were interrupted by some special programming on the sky channel.  I'm bein[...]

Undisclosed Location

We all like a little mystery in our lives.   I'm not normally the mysterious type, I'm very much a straight forward, black and white sort of a guy, [...]

Rockpools Pt II. -Avalon

Chapter 2 was shot at a one only a few beaches in Sydney that I have never actually visited before- deciding on a location was done in a bit of a rush[...]


The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, are somewhere I have regularly visited ever since childhood, so it seems strange that I have never been there to t[...]

Aus Open of Surfing 2012

Hi Everyone! Tonight I'm bringing you my take on the Australian Open of Surfing at Manly Beach, including the Beach Bowl skate comp, plenty of surf[...]

Rockpools Pt III. - Nth Curl Curl

I'm not always very good at deciding what to write in these before I drop in the pretty photos, or at times even remaining vertical whilst I'm out tak[...]

Vivid 2012: A Flashflood of Colour

I can't take credit for the title of my Vivid post for this year- that belongs to one of my favourite bands (google Enter Shikari if you're interested[...]

Sydney Saturated

I don't think there is much need for me to explain the title- if you live in Sydney and have ventured outside in the past week then you know what this[...]


Worlds collide would be the best way to describe this post- when my two biggest obsessions meet for instance.  Anyone who has followed my work for a w[...]

Saving Daylight

Here's a location I've been meaning to shoot for quite a long time- Jubilee Park in Glebe.   With a few spare hours of daylight left in the long wee[...]