It’s been a massive week for me already and it’s only Monday night! For once, I don’t have much to say. But I don’t think I need to, the sunrise that I shot on Saturday at Bronte left me speechless, and even more so when I pulled these images off the camera that night.

I spent most of the day after this, taking yet more photos, not destined for your eyes but for a paying client and whilst on the shoot, my client told me something that struck me- “You clearly love what you do”.

I love my photography, every shot I take doesn’t have to look like one of these, but I think it’s the hope that every dawn might be as colourful as this one that keeps me going.  It’s addictive, the relentless pursuit of the perfect image, 10x better than the last- is equally balanced out by the quiet contentment of just being up to witness the beautiful moments of every day, whether or not they transpose to film. It doesn’t matter, I love the simple act of getting out, with a camera in my hand and taking pictures.  

A big thanks to The Photowalk Guys– Ben and Rob, for bringing together so many people, just like me- who love taking pictures.