The phone rang late on Thursday afternoon, but it didn’t really sink in until an hour or so later, staring out the window, watching Sydney slide by, the last coals of a sunset still glowing on the horizon.

My Saturday shift was cancelled- I had a free Saturday, a blank canvas.  No commitments and no duty calling.  Sifting back through my memories I recalled being invited to a cruise, with the Sydney Allstars to some car event somewhere.  I had paid it little attention as I knew inevitably I wouldn’t be able to make it.  Seize the moment I thought, it’s been a while since I went to a meet and being part of a cruise to get there was something I’d never experienced!
7am Saturday rolled around and I found myself standing in a MacDonald’s car park, standing amid a group of some familiar Allstars faces and many new ones.  What happened from there on in is probably of little consequence to many of my readers, but let’s say getting to enjoy a drive through the morning light amongst a group of some of Sydney’s coolest modified cars is something I enjoyed thoroughly.
We arrived at the show well before the crowds arrived, and I witnessed some gorgeous metal, roll into the showground and park up for the show.  Being able to catch this in the middle of the soft morning light, as well as watching the owners polishing up their respective prides and joys, was a great experience and made for some of great photo opportunities which you can see below.
I can’t speak highly enough of the friendliness of the people I met on the day.  There was a great vibe about the place as it started to fill and the DJ started to pump the music. My mind was blown by the sheer diversity of the show.  Imports, local metal, min-trucks, American muscle cars, hot rods, classics and a motor bikes all sat side by side.  
I finish with this shot as I think this quote resonated with me in particular.  My point above was that I had no idea what this show was going to be like, so walked in with a completely open mind.  I was blown away at the unity of different styles and scenes at this event, I think that nothing could be more important right now. Given some of the battles that our fellow enthusiasts in other parts of the country have been endured against an increasingly heavy handed policing of modified cars and targeting of enthusiasts, keep the good vibes coming and we will surely stick together and help to hang onto what we love. Because what could be more important than that?