So while the media told Sydney to brace for the perfect storm and shared photos of snow elsewhere in the state, I took my beloved Vee Dub for a late afternoon cruise through a quiet corner of the world and was blown away by one of clearest sunsets I’ve seen in a while!

What a way to end the week! Photo Friday lives! 

My other pride and job waiting to cross the river, I’ve been working on my car photo skills lately, there will be lots more soon, and not just of my own car!

I didn’t actually stop to take photos of this guy, but he keep moving into the frame where I moved, so here he is for his 10 seconds of fame!

I was almost home when the sun decided to finally drop.  It’s amazing the sort of location you can find when you just wing it.  I would never had picked this overpass/underpass as a potential location for a shoot!