Ok, so technically it’s still early days, but anyhow here is a collection of some of my favourite shots from my early attempts with the new camera.  I may post more from these days later, but for now heres a quick highlights tour!


A very early morning saw me wake to this 🙂

One of my other favourite toys

Something about the angle and focus of this photo (of the back of my bike) really grab me, its an odd mix of shapes, with a nice metallic texture!

My new camera has opened up a world on a whole new scale, i’m hoping to get more macro photos like this one! Getting the focus right in this shot of a spider having a spot of lunch, was very tricky: with a paper-thin depth-of-field and no tripod! 


Another macro shot. OK grow up all of you who think this is funny! 
…ok so I think it is sort of amusing.. some people just think im strange- maybe they are right!

These last few photos werent all that amazing to begin with, but have had some work done to them, and have turned out quite well, i think. Which just goes to show, sometimes the shot of the day isn’t the one you thought it would be!



There are plenty more photos from these sessions, watch this space…

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