I’m not going to dwell on the silver linings cliche this time, because I think 2020 has been a something of a challenge for us and an absolute catastrophe for others around the world. So to even be able share these images feels somewhat trivial compared to the experiences of others in 2020 but nevertheless I felt compelled document the city we found ourselves locked in for a few months this year.

As the lockdown restrictions were eased just little, Lina and I took the time to fully explore the Royal Mile and some other historical sites around the city, one block at a time, over the course of several trips. With the streets not just quiet but almost completely deserted save for a few local walkers we were stunned at not just how many small details we had never noticed when passing through the normally bustling historic centre but also many larger ones, like entire laneways and buildings caught out attention that we had simply walked by on many previous visits.

I think only after this experience did we truly appreciate how ancient some parts of this city are and how much history some of the buildings have witnessed. No doubt 2020 will come to be just another tumultuous year in this city’s past, life will return to its streets and it will continue to see many more years but this experience is not one that will be forgotten quickly.