When I think of Europe and it’s car culture, it isn’t usually an image of heat, sweat and sun. Yet somehow that’s what Sydney threw at Wilson Park, Silverwater on the big day! 

Not that would have deterred any of the entrants or visitors to this show! I have to say upfront, the Allstars community is one of the happiest and friendly crowds of car people I have spent any time with.  Despite the heat there was a great vibe at this show and it was easy to tell that everyone was passionate about their Euro rides!
So the rides- so much variety that I didn’t really know where to look! Renaults, Alfa Romeos, Lotus, Ferraris, Fiats, Skodas, Peugeots, Opels, Minis, Maseratis, Audis, a Volvo and of course BMWs and VW’s everywhere! Oh and two crowd favourites- a Lamborghini Murcielago and Aventador. From mint OEM restorations to wild custom rides there was something for every taste.

My own mildly tweaked VW started a few conversations.  If you are looking at these images and haven’t been to an Allstars show, you really need to come to the next one and I dare you not to enjoy it!































































While nowhere near as spectacular as the Aventador above it, I saved this CHLDSH S5 for last as my favourite, because it sums up what Euro cars are to me- fast, with a noise like automotive pornography and knee weakeningly beautiful without being in your face. The fact that this is probably someone’s daily driver is just a sweetener!