He woke up, still didn’t know how he got there
Still wasn’t sure why either
A believer of sorts
Believes in the faith that he found in the places he’s been in
When the sun goes down each evening
He’s dreaming of somewhere scenic
Behind the horizon there’s a whole world to see
He won’t stop till he’s seen it
[Nick ‘Solo’ Bryant-Smith]

Itchy Feet, sometimes known as the ‘Travel Bug’- I can now truly appreciate what this strange sensation feels like and what it does to a person. I’m sure everyone who has been on a big trip can appreciate what I mean here. I can relate a thousand annecdotes to the images you see below but I’m not really sure they will mean as much to you as they will ever mean to me, or how they will become distilled in my memories, so I will spare you the stories, this post is long enough, and I apologise in advance as this one may take some time to load up.

Instead- I ask you to remember your ‘big trip’, whether it was your first time travelling, your longest journey, most adventurous or for whatever other reason you may treasure your memories.  I opened this post with some lyrics from a song, which had no impact on me before I left for this adventure, but upon my return became crystal clear. If you have song that brings back memories of your trip, put it on. 

Then scroll on and simply appreciate my emotions as I stood in each of these places and pressed the little button on my camera. 


Locations here include, in roughly chronological order:

Helsinki, Finland // London, Britain // Paris, France // Turin, Italy // Florence, Italy // Venice, Italy // Santa Maria, Lake Como, Italy // Furka Pass, Switzerland // Interlaken, Switzerland // Triberg Falls, Schwarzwald, Germany // Stuttgart, Germany // Rothenburg, Germany // Landsberg, Germany // Munich, Germany // Schwangau, Germany // Wolfgangsee, Austria // Vienna, Austria // Hong Kong