When I first moved to Scotland in 2019, I was incredibly excited to finally attend a World Cup Downhill race at the (in)famous Fort William track and then later that year I was able to compete in an enduro race on the same hill- well after a year of no mountain bike racing at all, I was able do both in one weekend. As very excited spectator and a very intimidated competitor at a world class event- the final round of the 2021 Enduro World Series at Innerleithen in the Tweed Valley.

These famously steep, rooty and often muddy trails are famous throughout the UK and also happen to the ones that I ride most often- being on Edinburgh’s muddy backdoor step. After conquering the amateur EWS-100 event myself on the Saturday in horrifically Scottish weather, I was able to relax on the Sunday and watch the professionals take on the course- the one thing that struck me the most is how much more challenging the track appeared walking up it as a spectator- not down it as a rider! I was left in awe at the speed and relatively smoothness the pro’s brought to the trail compared to my own valiant efforts to ‘tame’ the trails. Photography was a challenge- capturing the fast moving riders in often very low light under the forest canopy, but I loved the challenge of photographing the sport I love so much- here are some of my favourite shots from the afternoon.