I’m normally a very calm considered person, I like to plan things out before I do them and generally that works well for me.  I even enjoy the process of planning things out before I do them, although it would seem others around me can find this a little tedious!

So to say it was a little ‘out there’ for me to drive an hour on a whim- my only inspiration being a photo I had seen earlier that day of the Somersby Falls which were seemingly raging after the recent downpours of rain that hit Sydney (the very same ones that drenched me the previous night, at my first evening shooting the Vivid Festival, but more on that later!)
My whim paid off and I didn’t even need to descend the steep path into the gully to know the water was rushing- you could hear it from the carpark!  It was almost maddeningly loud once I reached the lowest of the falls and after spending an hour down there, my ears were ringing!
I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I have to say I think these usually very calm falls are far more beautiful when they are rushing like this!