It seems a little disappointing to be saying good-bye to summer on such a dreary rainy Friday evening. But I don’t mind, firstly it’s the perfect setting for me to sit here and write this to you all and secondly, I can hardly complain that Summer didn’t look after me this year.

This month has been a big one for me, I’ve captured not one but several images that I’m particularly happy with this month, so let’s get into it!

Melbourne Lane-ways Adventure

Nothing like exploring a whole new city/state to open up your eyes and as it turns out Melbourne is a bit of a playground for a photographer! We got a little taste of some of the many things it has to offer- lane ways, cafes, graffiti, art, seascapes, architecture, culture, street scenes, nightlife and so much more. This was my first time, but it won’t be the last! We barely even put a scratch on the surface here!

Bondi Beach Skaters

These weren’t ready in time for the January post, but late on afternoon I headed to Bondi with an aim to shoot anything except for the beach itself, these guys captured my attention and my imagination, so grabbing a few fun shots wasn’t hard!

Dee Why Surfers

After a long week at work, I headed down to Dee Why on the Northern Beaches and sat out on the rock shelf watching these guys ride through the sunset and into the evening. Very relaxing!

Bathurst 12 Hour

Being a landscape photographer often involves long drives and/or rudely early starts, however even for me, a 2.30am start for a 200km drive was a big ask. However, I was more than rewarded for my efforts when I arrived at Mount Panorama, Bathurst. Watching 30+ particularly exotic and rare race cars start a race around one of the worlds most intense circuits at dawn is a bucket list worthy occasion for any self respecting petrol head. 

ADGP @ Sydney Motorsport Park

Maybe it was mild heat stroke, or maybe the sound of the Craig Lownde’s Ferrari 458 GT3 ringing in my head, but we hadn’t quite got our fix of motorsport for one day. So naturally the only solution was to find somewhere else to get our fix of burning rubber and race fuel. The Australian Drift Grand Prix at Sydney Motorsport was conveniently on our way home from the mountain.. do I really need to make any more excuses??


Turimetta is a seascape favourite for photographers from all over Sydney. A quick google search will reveal thousands of images, plenty of them are of world standard. It’s never really done much for me, and I was quite dishearten on this particular day when the weather turned pretty ugly and then I copped a big splash leaving me soaked. I shouldn’t have worried though, when I got home I was quite please with the blue moody numbers staring back at my from my screen.


I won’t give away too many details of this spot, as it’s still off the radar of most photographers and we went searching specifically for something that was a little different on this rainy Sydney afternoon. Having said that, it’s only a small way from a nearby walking track but it’s always satisfying to find such a little paradise hidden away where nobody else can see! 


Love the soft subtleties of this shot, a good half an hour before the sun appear over Bilgola on the upper Northern Beaches of Sydney.


Wrapping up February and summer, this set is easily my favourite. This is an example of what can happen to a fairly plain location when mother nature puts on a show. We have a small simple composition with a jetty, a lake that looks to be made of glass, clouds that threatened to soak us at any moment and a sunset with all the drama of a midday soap opera. These sorts of moments are what I live for as a landscape photographer.

See you next month!