I haven’t been getting out and into enough of my car culture of late, so I thought the best way for me to do this would be to immerse myself into some drifting and a sneaky All-Stars event as a bonus.

This was round two of the Figure 8 Drift series held at the Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek or just “the creek” to you and I…), named rather obviously after the shape of the small circuit used for the event.

This turned out to be the perfect event for me to get back into the hi-octane side of my photography, as the very compact nature of the circuit and amphitheatre it created really pulls the crowd in to the event.  Even to the point where the occasional shower of dirt and rubber would rain down on the spectators to remind this is not a telecast or you-tube highlights reel!

I spent some time wandering through the pits and the All Stars display, before taking up residence on one of the corners to watch the racing, here’s how it looked.

PS: If you think this post looks a little, well, different- your eyes aren’t tricking you.  I have been working away on a new editing style and this the first post you will see it on.  This look mimics the softer style of image, often associated with film photographers.  I’ve found it brings out even nicer colours and tones in my images.  My next post, the long awaited North Coast Roadtrip series, is just around the corner and will hopefully prove to showcase this new style even more.

Hope you like it!