I’ve talked before about the rush I get doing dawn and sunset shoots.  There is a adrenaline rush in trying to capture this special light that we get only twice every day.  It can last for a few seconds or minutes and it is constantly changing.

In this situation, when I realise I am not getting what I wanted, it’s either time to pack and go home or chuck my plans out the window and try something else.  Despite being a man who likes a plan, I also don’t like to go home empty handed from a shoot, so when presented with a less than exciting sunrise and dirty great ship blocking the view from my specially planned location, I had to think of something else to shoot and make it happen quickly.

Deciding my location, perched on the side of the Cahill expressway was very limited, I ran back to my car and drove (with considerable enthusiasm, lucky the city is virtually deserted this early on a Saturday!) down to the harbour foreshore, just north of the Quay.

With the cruise ship blocking my view, I decided to think outside the box…