I’ve been a busy boy lately and put together another little post.  I have been shooting so much lately, some of you who know me well, might have an idea of why.

There isn’t exactly a strong sense of cohesion between these shots in terms of style, a mix of bright colour shots, some darker gritty shots and some pure black and whites.  The title, Four Blocks, indicates instead that they are linked together geographically.  I set myself a little challenge to put together a series of shots taken within a small radius of four blocks.

What surprised me in particular, is cross-section of different moods and feelings that these shots evoke, some dark, unfriendly and dirty; or cold, stark and lonely; contrasted completely with a few bright warm coloured shots.

Whether you find all or any of these appealing or beautiful, I don’t really know, but I do hope they evoke some sort of feeling or response!



Because having a series of taps halfway up a first-floor wall, makes total sense!






I can’t shed any more light onto this strange message, repeated on two different doors- i found it both touching and a little haunting, as it felt totally out of place with the surroundings, I will leave the story open to the imagination.




The sun cut through the two buildings opposite, so harshly that it left a natural spotlight framing whatever subject stepped into its intense light.





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