Since I wrote my last post, it has ticked over 1 year since I got my camera and this whole little adventure started!  It’s been fun and I’m finally feeling like I have progressed since those early days!

Anyhow, here is a collection of photos from what now feels like another world away, from my holiday up the North Coast.

I love these photos both because I am really happy with how they turned out and because when I look at them they take me back to the moments when I took them, and every one of them was something worth remembering.

Also have been trying to ramp up my editing skills and get some sort of a theme going across the set.  If I’ve got this bit right, hopefully the images should all share a similar colour and mood.  




















My favourite shot this time, was one of my first shots of that day- just before dawn at Blackhead beach.  Although a little dark in the foreground, the the blue/green colors are perfect and along with the surreal cloud formation and the swimmers arm- caught mid-stroke. Catching little moments like these are why I love what I do.