To every single one of my followers- THANK YOU!

2013 was a massive year of growth for this little photography page of mine. I could not have done it without you. Thanks for the likes, thanks for the kind words, thanks for the feedback, thanks for sharing you own experiences with me, thanks to anyone who loaned/gifted me equipment this year (and there’s quite a few of you!) and especially thanks to everyone who was there with me when I’ve been out shooting these images. Without all that, maybe this page wouldnt still be here, and I definately wouldnt enjoy what I do half as much!

I’ve put up a fresh cover photo to celebrate my new year. For those reading this on email, you will need to open up the page to view this-

 I’m excited to say that I already have lots of shoots lined up in the new year and I will be returning to my old crisp sharp look, I will be retiring the soft film processing style I’ve been using this year.

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and my sincerest best wishes for your 2014. Hope all of your resolutions work out!