So now I have the first few “early days” posts out of the way, this post is the result of about 5 hours of wandering around various areas of Sydney Harbour, with a good friend of mine (thanks mitch!) with the aim of taking as many photos as we could. The result was 374 images and two very sore feet!  Here are some of my favourite shots, and unlike some of my earlier shots, there has been very little post-production, which i’m very happy about!

My shots early on in the day were mostly over-exposed due to the clouds from the rainy weather (which later worked to our advantage) creating a lot of glare.  This shot of a bouy, was just a quick snap, but it actually worked really well, I like it because it’s very simple- framing the bridge arch. I also like the texture of the rope, which really jumps out of the image.

Definately one of the most abstract photos of the day, Mitch spotted this funky moss hiding in a sandstone wall.  I think some of the people walking by probably wondered what we were doing!

I think this photo speaks for itself! Sydney City Council are tough on illegal parking!  I took a lot of different shots of the artwork (there are signs nearby which point out that it is infact an artwork..) but I like this one most because the portrait orientation adds height, like the rock has just fallen there.


A shot of some buildings in the rocks, I love the fact there is nothing in this image that quickly identifies when the photo was taken, these buildings have been around for a long time!  I was also surprised at the deep blue in the sky, which was clearing after the rain.
I didnt expect to be taking any photos of cars on this trip, but how could we resist this race-prepped Porsche GT3, parked on a wharf??  Right on top of some very clear parking instructions..
I love the composition of this shot, but no matter how I tried, I couldnt expose it correctly! The freaky blue patch of sky gives away my post production attempt to bring it to life! Im still quite pleased with the result.. will need to buy an proper flash and return!
After mucking about with the Porsche and sorrounding buildings, we wandered down to the end of the pier and our jaws hit the ground!  All I used to bring out the colour in this sky was my polarised filter! The rain clouds clearing over a setting sun made for a very dramatic shot!

A boat heading home as the light fades…

A very wide angle somehow squeezed the entire building into this shot.  I like the blue neon with the deep blue sky.
Something about this photo, looking across to Milson’s Point, seems very 3D to me. I also love the dramatic clouds and the sharp contrast with the lights that had just started to switch on.
I had the choice of posting a plain shot of this walkway, or one with strange dancing man in it. I chose the strange dancing man.
After a pit-stop, we hopped a train to the other side of the water.  I am absolutely amazed by this shot, this was the kind of image I have been wanting to create ever since i got my camera.  Being a bit of a perfectionist, I have noticed that there is some detail lost when I upload my shots, but on the original, you could probably have a go at counting the bolts in the bridge!  The light reflected off the water showed up perfectly and the water looks silky smooth!
Rainy days are good for giving people wet feet and making puddles. Puddles make reflections.  Photographers like reflections. Photographers don’t like wet feet.
By pure luck, my exposure was just quick enough to catch the coloured lights before the wheel rotated far enough too overlap them and make it into a giant blur.
This photo doesnt capture the screams of the 12 year olds on that big yellow blurry thing…

Technically speaking this photo didnt work out very well, it was very over exposed and little blurred.  But the colours were stunning- the scene in reality looked nothing like this!  The green colour seems to come from the lights on the bridge, but to the naked eye they are white like all the other lights. To make something of it, i simply put a dark tint over the image.  This goes to show that sometimes being technically correct is boring! pharmacy tadalafil-canadianviagrapharmacytab-generic viagra canada-
My final shot of the day- I just really liked the intensity of the lights on the water!