Just like my Muscle Car shots last year, this one was a complete spur of the moment job- I grabbed my camera and headed down to the National Park after watching a procession of hot rods cruise by.

I felt that this would be the perfect chance to try my hand at some proper Black and White photography- something I have been toying with a little recently.  This did require me to adjust my approach a little as my photos typically are full of bright colour!

My new wide angle lens, with a polariser strapped onto the front added even more drama to the look of the images with its intense vignette (the dark ring around the outside, for non photo-nerds!), while maintaining detail in the late afternoon sun.  

The sun, whilst bright, was cold and wintry- giving a very particular shallow light to the images.  This gives two very different effects- when shooting into the sun, the light diffused very gently across the glass to give a old fashioned haze; while shooting away from the sun lit the subjects evenly with the thin light- giving a high contrast, dramatic effect.
















I haven’t been able to decide which shot I like the most this time. The last 3 shots are all vying for my favourite. The 1928 because the car seems so purposeful and powerful, even sitting still.  The Sunday driver, because it seems to encapsulate the “Sunday drive” atmosphere so well. And the final shot of the low riding rod in the sun, because the sun’s rays only add to the beautifully artistic look of the car.  I guess maybe if you were to combine all of those things this sums up the sort of culture that goes with these cars?

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