“PROGRESS is impossible without CHANGE”

The time for change has finally come and I have started working on a whole new format with which I can bring my images to you. 

This is a daunting task to take on, but the time has come- I’m proud to say that my photography has outgrown this humble page and needs to expand!
This change will allow me the time to work on the build for my new page and also concentrate on Lensflare Photo’s Facebook feed, which has become centre stage for my work in recent days. If you are looking for more regular updates, please head across here and ‘like’ my page to see my images in your feed, I update several times a week to keep it fresh!

Neither of these things spell the end of the Lensflare blog though- from this post forward, my individual stories will become part of a monthly wrap up. This post will bring you up to date with the rest of my January works.

So here’s a taste of my life behind the lens in January 2014:


Having to go to work on his birthday didn’t stop this photographer from sneaking in a dawn session on his Birthday!


Not every dawn session goes to plan, this one started at another location all together, unable to get in the zone and distinctly disliking the sunrise, I waited for sun to rise and then turned my shoulder on the sun to shoot the pool instead.

Sydney Datsun Club

A last minute invite to attend the Sydney Datsun Club’s meeting at Eastern Creek had me rushing home to grab my camera and diving into my car on a Monday evening after work. I’m told there was some formality to the meeting prior to my arrival but all I saw was an open race track and a collection of classic Japanese metal. Even the constant summer rain couldn’t dampen spirits on or off the track and let me tell you these cars aren’t concourse specials- many were street driven and none of the drivers on track could be accused of having bubble wrap over the loud pedal!

Audi Owner’s Sydney – Inaugural Meet

One week, two rained out car meets! This time around it was the first meeting of the freshly formed Audi Owners Sydney club at Sydney Olympic Park. Nobody was really sure what to expect but I’m happy to report that the turnout was healthy and there was plenty of late model four-ringed German beauty on display. Look out for more of these guys on the Sydney car scene in 2014!

Australia Day 2014

I released this old image from Jeffrey Street Wharf as an Australia Day special. It’s actually an image from an old set that didn’t really work for me at the time, but months later I have come to appreciate the subtle hues from this Sydney sunset.

WTAC Special Additions:

Last years World Time Attack was a bit of a turning point for my automotive photography although the edit used didn’t sit so well with me, so I re-edited some of my personal favourite shots and some new ones and released them onto my Facebook page.

Waterfalls Adventure:

From a Saturday afternoon road trip with good friend and fellow photographer- Alex from Visual Cocaine as tour guide, these images are from the some of the finer waterfalls around Wentworth Falls area- Sylvia, Empress and Flat Rock Falls. Although I was very excited to finally get out into the bush and shoot these falls on a particularly atmospheric afternoon (this is a word photographers use to describe less than perfect weather), I’ve since been told that these falls can run much more than this, so a return to this area after some heavy rain might be called for! 

What’s on in February:

A little taste of what to look out for in next month’s update:
  • Melbourne Laneways Adventure
  • The Australian Open of Surfing