January was a time of rest for this photographer, but I did kick off my photography for 2015 in a pretty special way. 

Seeing sunrise over Sydney from the air was something I’ll never forget, and I highly recommend doing this at least once if you ever get the chance! This was my first foray in aerial photography and whilst it was a challenge, I did walk (fly) away with great photos! Must do this again! Must say a big thank you to Sydney HeliTours for a great flight and all of the support they gave our photos on social media after the flight!

I’ve also slipped in some a image from December which you might notice is now the banner image for this page. I didn’t manage to get a post out in December because I was so busy editing my European Album, so I hope you enjoyed those instead! This shots were from The Photowalk Guys Christmas Photowalk at Dawes Point in Sydney. 

My parting shot this month is from the Pool of Siloam, in Leura NSW. We discovered this spot the Photography Hotspots website and decided we had to try it out.  Our trip took a turn as we became involved in a small emergency on our way down to the pool, rescuing a bushwalker who had slipped off the trap and hurt themselves. The pool was a real reward after turn of events had left us a little rattled. I think that this was timely reminder that we always need to be respectful of the Australian bush- even the most tranquil of locations can be dangerous! 

Lots of exciting things planned for 2015, see you soon!

Sydney Heli Tours – Sunrise over Bondi/Sydney Harbour

Dawes Point, Sydney

The Pool of Siloam, Leura NSW