I think March could be summed up for me as a month of vivid and atmospheric landscape images. Let’s have a look at where I’ve been this month:

Bronte Beach:

The first of many of my sunset attempts to be set upon by a heavy autumn storm clouds, this first shot sets the mood for the month I think. The life-guard’s watch tower seemed so small and insignificant in front of the massive storm that was looming closer by the moment. I fired off a few shots of the pool before the storm engulfed us and stole the sunset away.

Circular Quay & The Rocks

After a few missed opportunities for something bright and cheery the previous weekend, I managed to sneak in a dawn session in the city before work, the day I chose to do this, the Carnival Spirit cruise ship had just docked into Sydney, making for a perfect prop for my images of a classic Sydney vista. I can tick this off my photographer’s “must shoot once” list now.


Only a stone’s throw from the location of my Toukley shoot last month, this fairly innocuous looking jetty makes a fantastic prop for a Central Coast sunrise although the challenge of working it into my composition is sure to see my return here again.

Hornby Lighthouse 

I mentioned above that every photographer has a list of locations. This month I ticked off another item- Hornby Lighthouse on South Head.  It’s easy to see why this location is photographer’s favourite! Shooting this image left  a giant smile on my face for a long time after I’d finished for the night. Which turned out to be a big help when I had to walk back to my car which was virtually parked in the next suburb!

Bondi Beach

This dawn session at Bondi with good friends was one to remember, with an absolute jaw-dropper of a sunrise but two of the group’s photography hero’s making cameo appearances on the day. This one will be one for the highlights reel for 2014 for me!

Observatory Hill

Did you know the Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrated it’s 82nd Birthday this month?  I camped out on Observatory Hill to shoot a slow shot of the this beautiful old girl as the city lit up around her. Happy Birthday to the Coat-hanger!

Blackwattle Bay

Long time followers of this page might find this image familiar, as it sat at the top of the page as my cover image for quite a long time. This location sprang to mind as my attempts to make a coastal location slowly expired in heavy Sydney traffic. Lucky I did as the sun soon disappeared leaving me a moody city skyline to capture. However, I was oblivious to the drama building behind me as massive electrical storm closed in!

Green’s Point

This secluded spot on the central coast was a lovely place to spend an evening with my somebody special. However, a picnic AND a sunset is sometimes a little too much to ask! As  we were packing up to leave however, the sky once again filled with electricity, this time with air of apocalyptic vengeance! 


I won’t share the exact location of the above image, as the despite the fact that the image has been somewhat of a surprise success on social media, I got the feeling that this one is a bit of a local secret, tucked away between some houses, we had this spot all to ourselves and I have to say it was so serene that I think it would be rude to give it away. And besides, half the fun of photography for me is exploring and finding new locations, so I’ll leave that pleasure to any interested readers as well!