May was a much more intense month for me, so instead I’m only bringing you two stories, but I’m digging a bit deeper and bringing you some bigger cuts of each:

Throttle Roll 2014:

I really wasn’t sure what to expect of this event, set to the backdrop of the Vic Enmore and its surrounding streets, Throttle Roll was my first bike event and I have to say I had an absolute blast. The vibe was far from serious, the people were very approachable and much keener on a laugh than taking any of the two-wheeled distractions too seriously. And boy did this event look great on camera, while there was a learning curve in shooting two-wheeled machines for the first time, I walked away with a card set of images which I really think captured the spirit of the event.

 Vivid Sydney 2014:

Without a doubt Vivid has become the single biggest event on my photographic calendar and I like to think of it as a sort of speciality of mine as I think this is where I really cut my teeth in night photography and I always have a heap of fun shooting these images.

I set out this year, not with the aim of seeing every single installation but instead trying to show how this festival blends into the city of Sydney, as it has evolved rapidly from a fairly small and unknown exhibit to one of the city’s biggest annual tourism draw-cards. 

After feeling underwhelmed with my images from 2013 which I had blamed on my kit for quite a long time (but really a good tradesmen shouldn’t blame his tools!) I had no excuse this year with a great camera setup to play with for shooting after dark and a bag of new skills.  Lucky for me, I think I managed a much better job of it this time around and the proof was in the pudding, several of my images have graced the official Vivid webpage and were featured across their social media presence as well. One was even featured on Tourism NSW’s list of best photos from this year’s event, which was a proud moment for me and was a nice reward for my many nights spent in the cold!

I also made a big effort to grab some angles which I felt had not been seen a hundred times over, as the event has become also over-saturated with photographers in recent years! Can you work out where they all were shot from?

If you have an idea for my theme next year, let me know in the comments!

Coming Soon!

My final image in this set, is a preview of an upcoming event that I will be covering. I really wanted to share this preview image from my reconnaissance trip as this Ferrari is jaw-droppingly beautiful and comes complete with a gentleman driver suited up in his Sunday best. See you soon!