This was one of those spur of the moment “maybe I should bring my camera” moments and i’m glad I did!  My mates invited me along to watch the Manly Sea Eagles play the Gold Coast Titans for some monday night footie.  I took all of these shots from my seat in the stand and used my big 200mm lens to capture the action.  As a result, the images are a little grainy as i stretched the camera to its limits- I needed super-quick reactions, at full zoom and in lower than normal lighting; but im still very happy with the results, capturing some interesting and exciting stills from what turned out to be a pretty exciting game!

The Titans hammering the ball back into opposition territory!

This is one of my personal favourites of the night, I think it’s very dramatic and captures the movement well.

The B-team… Mr and Mrs Sea-Eagle didnt get much game time for some reason??

Another dramatic shot, as Steve Matai smashes his way through enemy lines!

“Put your arms in the air if you love manly!!!”
“Hey wait…….”

 Sometimes you have to put your body on the line…

What strikes me as odd here, is that no-one is actually looking at the ball?

What football is all about!

In the dying minutes of the game Manly tried desperately to find some points, he slipped out of this tackle in the next frame, but it wasnt enough to get them the game!