So to explain my cryptic comments in my earlier post tonight, let me paint you a picture…

In semi-delirious state yesterday night after having worked a 12hr day, I pull onto the Harbour Bridge as I head home.  As I merge, I spot a weird murky coloured sky in my mirror. Keen to establish the source of what I thought was a smoke haze, I turned my head west.  As the blazing sunset came into view, I nearly drove out of my lane in amazement. I straightened up the car, then looked a second time. I was stunned.

I was so excited to realise that I had my camera gear in the back of my gear, by pure luck, that I nearly drove off of the bridge in my haste to get down to the water’s edge and shoot.  In fact, I was so excited that I called my girlfriend, to share my excitement, but promptly hung up when I realised I was almost going to miss the sun all-together.

I barrelled my car into a free space and sprinted down the hill setting my camera as I went.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but I have to say that this stunning sunset is one of the most dramatic I have ever witnessed.  The dark and oddly shaped clouds are a storm cell that was busy wreaking havoc in Western Sydney as I shot and I was lucky enough to have a massive cruise ship sailing out of circular quay as I shot.  This in itself drew a small crowd who were promptly distracted by natures awesome show. 

This is my adrenaline rush.