So onto Part II of the slowest ever photo series.  These were totally unplanned in the overall scheme of the project, I decided to take up an opportunity the morning after the big night-time shoot in the previous post, with whatever battery and memory my camera had left to spare.  

As it turned out, there was enough of both (just) and my spontaneity paid off!  All of the images here were taken between North Sydney station and the South end of the Harbour Bridge.  In the exhibition, I backed up these shots with a few I already had and some of my Hyde park pics to complete the daytime segment of the display.

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This photo to me feels like it’s inside out, or that the image is somehow reverse and that the view is actually looking out of the window.

I used big F-stop numbers for many of these shots, so in the high-res versions of these shots, you can view buildings that are kilometers away!  The upper shot of the two ferries in particular shows back to the Iron Cove Bridge and beyond, with an outline of the blue mountains visible on the horizon line.

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The token black/white shot.  The upload hasn’t been kind to the detail (as usual), but I love the tiny silhouettes of people visible both on the deck and up on top of the arch way.  I chose b/w because the colours were a little flat, but i still love the amount of detail in the composition.