For the final part of this set, I’ve been right back through my photo set for the project, and added to what was originally planned for this section.  So there is some stuff that never made the exhibition wall or the book.  I’ve also tweaked some of the original shots and freshened them up.  I feel that what I have here is the perfect way to cap of this set, although there are still lots of other shots in my archive that might see daylight sometime in the future!

 First up, a few more night time shots, this time with a tighter frame and focusing on some of the smaller details.




Windows, small ones and really big ones (ironic in the latter image?)

 I will return and try for a few more at the Apple store in the future, I love how way you can see inside and see so many things going, kind of like a Where’s Wally scene.

Next sub-set is of shots various messages on the road across the city.




Some more architectural shots:







The next 4 shots form a perfect little set of architectural close-ups, these sorts of images were one of the things I originally set out to take.  In my search, I found so much more and completely re-wrote my brief.  I would like to point out that in particular, these shots have had no post-production at all, not even cropping. Straight from the camera to you, that feels like success to me!







The shot I’ve saved for last is a streetscape, now converted to Black & White, that I somehow overlooked when selecting my shots for the project. This shot has caught my attention and I’m inspired to try for a series of shots like it in the future!


The reason that it has caught my attention is because it distinctly reminds me of the mood and feelings I experience in Sydney. In this case- on a weeknight, around 7pm, in a quieter street of the city, as the evening peak eases off a little and those a little late leaving their desks, briskly walk to their bus/trains/cars.  

And capturing those feelings was exactly what I set out to do.  Another success.


Thanks again to everyone who has helped me with this huge project.  

Here’s to the next one! 🙂