Only 4 shots this time around, this little quartet were taken a few days before my previous post- that shoot was going to be the same night as these, but hey, life never goes to plan!

 My goal this time was quite simple- show a part of the city, at sunset, as I saw it.  This is much harder than it sounds, thanks mostly to the camera’s digital brain which will do it’s best to outsmart the photographer!

So the shots I have picked out of the set here, are the ones that showed the light the way I saw it-  the various different colours the sun bathes cityscape in as it slips away for another night and the city lights pick up where it left off.

I have developed a sort of obsession with panoramic shots, this one isn’t as perfectly sharp as I would have hoped- no tripod meant compromising my settings.  Light blue penetrated by yellow/greenish lights switching on for the night.

A golden glow- the first sign the sun is ready to clock off for another day.

 Dark blue, the sun has slipped beneath the horizon but the birds still want to play!

Some nights there is a few minutes of intense glow just as the sun reaches vanishing point.  Shooting in RAW let me pull the colour back out of the shot, the camera would have left this beautiful orange pink fade into a grey-white!