This is a shoot that nearly didn’t happen, thanks mostly to my beloved car failing me in spectacular style (apparently the only style that any of my cars have known!).

After a decidedly crappy afternoon waiting for a mechanic and tow-truck, I was feeling pretty let down about how my Sunday had turned out, however, as any regular reader of this site will know, there is one thing that can settle my mood- a nice sunset seen through my lens.

And this particular location- Bradley’s Head, did not disappoint, despite being only a mere handful of kilometres from the Sydney CBD, this place felt peaceful and calm.  It would be the perfect spot for a picnic, a spot of fishing, an amazing NYE vantage point or of course a location for a photoshoot.  

Word on the street is that is equally amazing at dawn as the city skyline is lit by the sun rather than silhouetted in front of it.

Hope these shots bring you the same sense of calm they brought me.  Bring on the weekend!