I remember the first dawn session I did, helping a friend out with his lighting for a fashion shoot.  Still being a slack uni student at the time, I didn’t really know what a dawn was.

What struck me was the sense of pure stillness in the very early hours of the morning, however, the closer the sun became to breaching the horizon line, a sense of anticipation was rising, within our group and seemingly within the environment we were standing in.  I was struck by a real sense of occasion, like I had come to witness some sort of event, yet this has happened every day since, well.. ever.
Fast-forward a few years, and I’m standing on a hill near Bondi Beach waiting for some light fall upon the 2013 Sculptures by the Sea exhibition- and there it is, that same sense of anticipation as I waited. And I know I wasn’t alone, there was without a word of exaggeration, hundreds of people and not all of them photographers, waiting to witness exactly the same thing and this truly added to the sense of occasion.  
Photographers aside, I couldn’t honestly tell you where these people all come from, some appeared to be tourists who clearly enjoy getting out of bed, there were early bird joggers and several groups of revellers who potentially hadn’t been to bed yet. However, despite melting pot of people, the dawn brought about a happy sense of calm as pierced the sky.
The shots I bring you now, are as much about the atmosphere that is a Bondi/Tamarama dawn as the Sculptures event itself- such a good vibe!
Special thanks to the Photowalk Guys for arranging another winning event.  If you are interested in joining the next walk, just hit the link about- anyone is welcome and best of all they are free!  You will experience some of Sydney’s best photo locations at their best, learn/improve your photography experience and meet some really cool people!