Maybe it’s a reflection of my life at the moment, but rather than one complete set, this blog is a collection of little bits and pieces that I’ve been playing around with recently…

First up, some sly shots that I took on some of my many early mornings recently- fairly casual- you can’t expect too much from me in the morning you know!

 Anyone who knows where this is, will probably also work out how I took the photo (there are a few other clues though!).

Next are a few random shots from the great outdoors!  The first one probably reflects a little bit of stress, don’t know how that could have come about!

 You might remember a shot a little like this one way back in my first blog post, but I think this one is even nicer!  Pin-sharp!

I actually shot a lot of other birds (with my camera!) on this same day, but when I was deciding which ones to show, I decided that Kookaburras have a definate character that shows up on film!

  “So whats a nice bird like you doing on a wire like this??”

I was once told that man’s love of staring at the TV goes right back to the caveman staring into the fire… Maybe that explains these photos, maybe I’m a pyromaniac…