What is it they say about the best made plans?

Due to other commitments I wasn’t able to get to the Spring Picnic as early in the day as I wanted to- meaning when I arrived most of the cars had already left.  While I was disappointed, I was still lucky to have the golden afternoon sun on my side and handful of cars still left to shoot.

So here is what I came up with in a short space of time, from what I’ve seen from my fellow photographers this was an awesome event with a massive turnout.  Here’s to the next All Stars event, see you there!

One of the poster cars of the All-Stars fleet- brand manager and event organiser- Sergio’s S15.  Accompanied here by Miss Banks.


Plenty of very tidy German metal on show.  I like this a lot.  A little can be a lot if done right.

OLESCL is right, but so clean and so well presented. A (rotor-shaped) diamond.

Godzilla lurking by a playground- hide your children!

Low Evo is oh-so-low.

The ultimate “Boss Car” stanced Merc.

The House of Stance fleet stands guard.

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday- Sergio’s immaculately worked Lancia.

A beautiful Italian rear end…

“V8 Inside”. Not everything on display was all for show.  This S13 drifter was very much for go.

Caution: Always check the Label.


I love All-Stars events because they always bring together car lovers from all sorts of sub-cultures into one melting pot for the love of one thing.

Look out for Lensflare at the next one!