Hi everyone, 

And Happy New Year!  Here is my first post for 2012.  I have already been busy snapping away although it has taken me a few attempts to put together something  am satisfied with!  Another new year has given me a fresh view of my work, and I have some very clear goals I am aiming for this year with my work, but more about that later!

These images were shot from Balls Head Nature Reserve, on the northern side of the Parramatta river.  This is my first visit to this location, although I had been told that it was particularly pretty, it certainly didnt dissappoint!  After a freak morning thunderstorm and a day of very grey weather, the clouds parted in the evening, just as I was setting off and when I arrived I was greeted with a stunning sunset full of colour!

Panoramas have become a specialty of mine and I hope to bring you many more this year! 

I used the HDR technique on this image to present a more dynamic image, although I have kept the effect fairly toned down.  The only hint of this in the image is a slight ghost of a ship that sailed through the shot.  It’s mast can been seen around the edge of the Barangaroo site.

From this little adventure I have also spotted several other vantage points along the river which I hope to explore in the future.

My location was very peaceful, I did not encounter any other people during my time there and it was so quiet that I could hear the sounds of people on boats that travelled past.

I am undecided on which of these two final images I prefer, taken from the same vantage point,  only 15mins apart in time, yet the light changed so rapidly- from the muted oranges and greys into an intense blue with the addition of the city lights.  The second image appears at first to be slightly blurry, this is due to the much longer exposure time required in the fading light.  Closer inspection reveals that the cityscape is still quite sharp- the illusion is brought on by the movement suggested by the clouds.

See you all soon!

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