I don’t think there is much need for me to explain the title- if you live in Sydney and have ventured outside in the past week then you know what this is all about!
A big part of what I do is trying to present the city I live in, from a different point of view to what you might be used to.  So I decided to venture out into the deluge and see what I could see.
It was actually very peaceful and liberating- obviously I couldn’t carry an umbrella while I was working- so I pulled on a warm coat, put my iPod in my ears and stepped out into the giant puddle currently known as Sydney.


I didn’t get much out of the grey evening to begin with, although it did present a certain coolness that felt almost foreign in the photos.



What I did discover however, was that even the small light source was amplified in the shiny pavement in the dull light!

And then it began to dawn on me (at sunset?) that the way to approach this sort of work was to chase the light!

What has always been a fascination of mine with this sort of work, has been how many different colours of light there are in any urban landscape.



Water is a problem I haven’t had much issue with in my photography to date, even in my last post at the surfing comp! However, no amount of cleaning can keep water from falling on the lens during an 8-sec exposure!  I had hoods on all my lenses and i shielded it as best I could! Much respect to the photographers who manage to master this art!


I love the mass of colours in this shot and how the monorail curves into the walkway, taking the eye with it.

Not long after the sunset, the rain became overwhelming (despite being invisible in my long exposure shots!) so I retreated to a nearby establishment for a drink and some dinner.

When I emerged, the rain had passed so I decided to try for a few more shots.


My parting shots are of 1 Bligh Street, a beautiful building recently completed in the North end of the CBD.  I have been visiting this building regularly through my job and enjoyed stopping to take it in properly.

I’ve had a busy weekend of the good kind- more soon! 🙂


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