Here’s some the UNSW people out there might appreciate!  The point of this exercise was to experiment with some techniques and a style of shooting, that I hope to use in a big project that I’m working on.  Work on that one will start this week, and maybe you might see more of it in the coming weeks and months!

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Anyhow, the beautiful sunny weather and blue skies you see in some of these shots soon disolved and in came the ominous looking storm clouds.  I thought when was shooting, that these had ruined my shots as the light had gone quite flat, with no shadows and blown-out, white skies. But I was actually not as unhappy when I saw the results on the big screen, the weather adds a certain moodiness to the shots.

 Little people!  The toy effect, I have always loved this effect, but this is my first attempt at applying it to anything.

Experimenting with high and low anglesLooking for interesting patterns in the places I walk by every day.

 I have actually started to enjoy the funny looks people give me when im contorting myself into some strange position to get a shot.  Like hugging a pole!  Also love the way the weather seems to change from one side of the sculpture to the other!

 I’ve found laneways can make for interesting photos, this one feels very intimidating and imposing.  Also, I had never noticed until this day, the university’s strange obsession with large stone balls as sculptures?? Any architects out there like to explain this to me??


 So many ideas for captions here!  

Anyone who recognises where I took this? There has to be somebody!

Whoever cleans the windows at UNSW deserves a payrise!

Yeah, another one.

I really like the simplicity of this one.

 Learnt two things here: first, at 18mm, my lens is too wide to keep my feet out of the shot; secondly, dont lean over a railing and look through a camera eye-piece, it will make you feel like your going to fall over and look like a wierdo.

How does something that looks essentially like  a pair of concrete bricks, manage to look so post-card perfect?