They say that the best things in life never last.  So this post is dedicated to a series of events, that were arguably the best of their kind in Sydney and for a short time, brought all parts of Sydney’s automotive culture together in a picturesque setting in the leafy northern suburbs.

Classic & modern, weird & wonderful, fast & furious or slow & glorious.  What made this event special was that it brought everyone together for a few short hours every month. I loved it because it served me an ever-changing selection of beautiful machinery each month, in a stunning and varied setting, in the glistening early light of a Sunday morning, for me to photograph with a strong Italian coffee in left hand and my camera in my right. 

Sadly this beloved event became so popular that it out-grew its suburban setting. The entire event came and went in the time since I stopped publishing my work here.  So here are a selection of some of my favourite shots over the months!