Just like last your last New Year’s resolutions, some things start with best intentions but still end up falling by the wayside.

This post is me calling a wrap on a project that started early this year, and has been popping up on the Lensflare Photo Facebook Page every so often.  The idea was to create an album of photos of Bondi Beach and surrounds covering a whole year. However, my life went through many changes this year and dragged me further from Sydney’s most famous beach.

It has been nearly 6 months since I took my last image. I don’t even have the same equipment that I used for the first half of the series! I guess this is a reminder how far I have progressed and how much has changed in less than a year! Look at the variety of styles and looks I used to process the series. 

I was drawn back to Bondi one last time this past weekend after Facebook lit up with excitement about ‘the most dramatic sunset of 2013’ which was building up after an intensely hot pre-Christmas day and some heavy clouds rolling in just in time for the golden hour.

As it turned out the sunset wasn’t as exciting as hoped, but I still went home feel good as I have a reason to close an open book. 

In 2014 I will kick off a new series of images, someplace else unique. I think it’s easy enough to derive that this series was inspired by my love for the work of other photographers such as Aquabumps and many others like him that populate people’s Facebook feeds and inboxes every day with images of Bondi. As much as I enjoyed paying homage to my heroes, I walk away from this project only more wanting to be my own photographer and make my own niche. 

Anyhow, please enjoy these photos for what they are- a photographer ‘playing’ in what I still consider to be a photographer’s paradise. So picturesque, so many things happening, at all hours and the light is always magical.

[A few of the earliest images here were lost when my back up hard-drive failed at the beginning of the year- just one of the many hurdles I leaped this year- and so have been re-processed from the original digital negatives, faithful to the original artistic intent wherever possible]

The hazy dark image above is one I revisited especially for this blog this evening whilst running through my files from the series. This one of only  a few photography outings I truly gave up on. I got up very early, mid winter, to do a Bondi dawn. As I arrived a very heavy rain storm closed in and I did not get a single image I was happy enough to publish at the time. I bailed out, soaked to the skin feeling incredibly disappointed. This is the only image the howling wind didn’t completely destroy by covering my lens in raindrops.

And the final images, 22nd December 2013: