The story of a Sunday adventure…

Something that has been in my own and Lina’s sights for a while, has been to shoot a Canola field.  We had never been to one before, but had seen some images produced by other photographers and were quite stunned at the vast yellow expanse of luminous colour that we were being shown.  The problem in we faced was that our research had come up with no solid locations and all of the places we heard about were quite a long way away.  This meant that there was nothing for it but to get out in the car and drive in search of a canola field and some light.

Part I: By the River 

Our travels took us down through the south coast, through some familiar territory and some very new places.  We came across this little haven after a picnic lunch in a nearby park. Lina being an adventurous soul, followed a pathway to investigate the sound of running water- photographers love to photograph waterfalls and rapids.  

While we didn’t find either of those two things, we did find this magical piece of forest by a quiet creek. Time to take some suitably dreamy photos in the dappled light.

Part II: The Storm

After nearly an entire day on the road and many stop overs, we closed in on the area we were heading towards as dusk approached.  After some round-about navigation we crested a hill and onto our first canola field.  

I have to admit, it was easy to see why photographers are attracted to these fields the same way a bee is attracted to a flower- the fields glow an intense yellow on the horizon, many miles away, even in the low light of a cloudy evening.  We weren’t put off though, we had been inspired some very moody images in similar surroundings and sought to make our own in a similar vain.  Buzzing with anticipation at the intensely atmospheric weather, we jumped out of the car and headed into a field.

As a photographer, I’ve never been put off easily by poor weather, however on this occasion I have to admit we were very nearly defeated by a vicious howling wind that nearly knocked us over and pelted us with dirt.  

Defeated, we got back in the car and discussed dinner plans.

Part III: Redemption

Just a mother nature can spoil the best made plans, and leave us down-trodden after a day’s driving, she can also turn it all around for us and throw something just a little bit special at us.

Experience taught us not to give in, even when the weather worsened as we drove away from our first spot, hoping for a miracle.  We found a dirt track in a location nearby another area we had been told could be a potential location and decided that with barely 10 minutes left before the sun set, we might as well give it one last shot.

As if to tease us, we could tell the sun was slipping away from us, there was an orange band of light just on the horizon, beneath the heavy grey skies and storm clouds- and yet no light.  

In a mix of frustration, disappointment and tiredness, once again we felt the bitter sense of defeat. 

Then mother nature, the fickle mistress she is, laid all of her cards down and gave us this:

I’m not even sure that my photos could ever do justice to what we saw, but in this case I don’t even know that this one photo, the one we drove 600km for, was even what this was really about. Sometimes you really do just have to be there. And when you’ve taken on a journey like ours to be there, you will feel that elation too.