Before all this wet summer silliness began, there was a time, not many weeks ago, where there were beautiful sunsets every night.  I happened to have a camera handy for two of them.

Here is what I came up with:


The first two were taken at risk to my own health, standing in the middle of the road outside my house!  The rest were on another night a few days later, at a local park, my local friends will recognise it I’m sure!  

I drove past on my way home and saw some amazing shadows, so I raced home and came back with my camera, the shadows were fading quickly, but instead I was left with a jaw-dropper of a sunset.






Some of these shots are definitely leaning toward the random/abstract side, I was enjoying experimenting with the light!  In the middle shot above, I am fascinated with the way the colour and light bleeds out around an object (a chain-link) that is out of focus in the foreground and the sun appears like a water droplet in front of it.







I have to admit, that I was absolutely stunned by the sunset itself, and I cant claim credit for that, nature put on a show for me!  I have saved my favourite two shots for last: