I can’t take credit for the title of my Vivid post for this year- that belongs to one of my favourite bands (google Enter Shikari if you’re interested) but this was the soundtrack playing in my ears as I shot many of the photos and I think the name is perfect.

Vivid Sydney is now in it’s 4th year and 2012 has been probably the biggest of all the displays so far. Suitably then this would be one of the biggest projects I have undertaken as a photographer and I have to say that after 5 nights behind my camera at this festival of light that it is a world class event. Judging by the thousands of happy people willing to spend hours in what was at times arctic weather I wasn’t the only one to think so!
I am opening the set with some shots of the city skyline bathed in the beautiful vivid colours:
There’s lensflare and then there’s lensflare:
Cambell’s Cove has been transformed into something like a playground full of light:
This ghostly figure was one of the hidden treasures of the display but probably one of the hardest to photograph! I guess that’s a little bit like a real ghost then!
One of the best aspects of this year’s display was the number of interactive displays, such as the one below- shout at it and it lights up…
I enjoyed watching people come up and battle with their self-consciousness to scream into the light wall.  There was some very confident types who would stride up and let loose and some who shuffled up very quietly and worked themselves into it (lots of throat clearing, leaning back, breathing in, have a “practice” shot and so on…).
I did spend one afternoon shooting the sculptures with sun setting behind them rather than the inky black sky.  Some looked downright odd (ever been to your favourite nightclub during the day?) while others looks even more beautiful!
I did go out of my way this year to shoot Vivid from some unique angles.  I haven’t posted them all but maybe look for another post soon!
The Argyle cutting was my own personal favourite display, at one point I did consider that it would be nice to lie down in the middle and stare at the display as it “grew” between seasons.  Obviously the traffic flowing through would make this quite difficult and life threatening but such was the sense of peace I found in the heart of the bustling city.
Another favourite of mine was the Chandelier which sat in the middle of Cambell’s Cove as a sort of jewel in the crown of the display.
Above is a new take on one of my old Lensflare Photos that was in fact my header image until recently.  Still one of my favourite spots to view the harbour.  It’s a secret spot-well it’s not exactly secret if you know your way about the city, but I’m still amazed that every time I spend any time up there, that I am completely alone.  Maybe that’s the reason I like it the most.
You may have already seen my final image- entitled “In the Glow”, it managed to make Photo of the Day on the vivid web page.  The quality isn’t perfect- I had to compromise my settings to snatch this moment before it slipped away, but I love this image because it encapsulates the sort of photo I aim to take every time I take my camera out- a perfect moment with a beautiful backdrop and amazing lighting.  If I had only snapped this one shot, I would have walked away a happy snapper!
I would like to also like to thank everyone for their support of my photography in recent times!
If you are on Facebook, please jump onto Lensflare’s page and press the ‘Like’ button to get regular updates and help me to reach more people!

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