I have to say that this has been my most anticipated shoot all year- with last year’s Vivid leaving me with some of my personal favourite photos (like the one in my header above) plus new equipment and a whole year’s worth of experience under my beltto say I was excited would be a drastic understatement!

My goals for this year were simple- I wanted clean photos that also reflected my own style with lots of bright dramatic colour. Night photography has become one of my favourite styles and I wanted to really leave my mark on these shots.

Most of the shots I have included in this post, were taken using my new wide angle lens- I couldn’t be happier with the results! Being able to squeeze entire skyscrapers into my shots is amazing! It also gives such clean crisp shots, with perfect true colour and can take them in near darkness!

If you get a chance, you really need to go see Vivid for yourself! My still images don’t do the moving 3D graphics on customs house the justice it deserves.  I had dozens of shots of the various parts of the show, I struggled to pick which ones to put up.


I may have played a few tricks on this one! But it has only improved the shot I was shooting for!

I love and hate this shot! I spotted a perfect candid shot of two friends and snapped it. I love the composition and amazing colours! I was disappointed to find it wasn’t steady enough and that one of my subjects had gone all ghostly on me!

Anyone who has been to Vivid (even on a weeknight) will have noticed that it attracts photographers like myself by the thousands! You literally have to queue in some spots, to get a spot for your tripod! Rather than wait for a clear shot, I decided to make the other photographers a feature in this shot.

 Probably the most beautiful feature of Vivid, its centre-piece- the Opera House.  I love the soft glow on the silky harbour water.

 I drop my bright colours for a minute for this duotone re-take on a photo I took in the early days of my blog (it’s way back- can you find it??)

With shutter speeds of 30+ secs for most of these photos, if I press the shutter by mistake there’s nothing I can do to cancel the shot.  I decided to make a feature of this and the result are these purely abstract shots.

As I was sticking my tag onto these shots tonight, I was struck to notice a single face appearing in the second shot. Frozen by what must have been a flash from another camera, amongst all of the wild streaks of colour.

The chopped up grass in the foreground only hints at the evil ankle deep mud I stood in to snap this one!

Another little mini-series- I named the set Photon Flowers.

 Which one is your favourite?

Like always, I’ve saved my own favourites for last- the Fire-Water show.  I was buzzing after snapping these! And I guess at the end of the day (or night) that is what it is really all about!

Thanks to Nick and Mitch for  a top night!

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