If you’re spending a freezing night out in the city with your mates, on a Saturday night, and you’re not drinking, then what are you doing?  Well if you are me, you are running around madly with a camera on a tripod.


 St Mary’s Cathedral was undoubtedly the centre-piece of the festival, I have more than 30 photos of it (all different too).  The display was so detailed and intense!

 The one building that stopped everyone in their tracks.

 Something that really surprised me, was the amount of detail and how accurate the projects were, even from 50m away, every line, matched up to the contours of the building.

 I’d like to tell you this next photo, has some deep hidden meaning and that it has many layers, and a pretty name.  Or that I took a long time setting it up, looking for that one perfect angle…

…But the truth is i didn’t even know my camera had gone off!  This is what it feels like to be a camera hanging around Jimmy’s neck.  It still looks kinda cool though?!

I feel like I should be selling post-cards to back-packers or something!  Next time I think I should take photo’s from it, not of it?  Still, it glows on a clear night!

That water seems a whole scarier when you are leaning forwards to get your tripod right on the edge, and it’s a toasty 8 degree night! It appears silky smooth on camera though!

 A blue filter and suddenly this photo suddenly looks like something totally different.  The group of us trying to take this photo, had to explain what we were taking photos of, to a slightly inebriated lady, who just didn’t get it…  If she saw this, she probably still wouldn’t!


Hyde Park Barracks.  Note: Not actually on fire.

 Feeling a little two dimensional:
 “I come to your planet in peace…”  or maybe just so I can take some photos and post them on my weird little blog…

I couldn’t decide which of this set I liked the most, so you decide, and tell me (seriously, I want to know!)

One little detail I love in the middle one, is the man, who is somehow in between trails of light.. I would love to try use that effect somewhere else now!  

Obligatory Harbour Bridge, this time from a secret location (well its not really), it looks so quite and peaceful from this distance.

Not really sure what these massively intense lights were meant to be lighting up, but it was probably slightly distracting to those using the road, for things other than taking photos, for instance, maybe driving.

Maybe its just me, but I enjoy the texture of the road and the bricks in this one?  I also love how this sort of photo can make a freeway seem calm and peaceful.

Definitely a moody night for the Opera House.  Hiding in some dramatic shadows.

 And I’m finishing this post, with one of my favourite shots of the night.  Its a very simple shot, but it seems to work perfectly.


 Often the Opera House is referred to as the Jewel in Sydney’s Crown, here is the proof.