Evening one and all!

Hope that 2014 has start off nicely and that you have all recovered from your respective New Years celebrations by now. If not, then I suggest that either you party much harder than I do or perhaps you should seek medical attention!

I welcomed 2014 with a spectacular view of almost the entire Sydney Harbour, in the company of some of other photographer and good friends of mine, our goal was to capture the fireworks display, and generally have a good time. I think it’s fair to say we did both.

From the comfort of our large canopy tent, known henceforth as the “PhotoDome”, shielding us from sun and rain, we watched as the sun dropped from the sky and waited for Sydney to kick off its biggest party of the year.

Unlike last year, the final sunset of 2013 was not colourful and bright, but instead it glowed in rays with almost surreal purple/orange haze over the city and harbour. With no sunset to shoot we turned our attention to Matt Hall performing some jaw dropping aerobatics in his plane over and under the harbour bridge.

After the sun dropped, the anticipation for the pyrotechnic display grew and conversation turned to tactics for capturing the display. This was my first attempt at shooting fireworks and I must say, it was every bit as challenging as it was cracked up to be, but with that challenge I became addicted, and amongst the numerous failed shots I walked away with several shots I am particularly happy with, as well as the satisfaction of picking up a new skill. Bring on NYE 2014!