Suddenly Sydney has thrown some sunshine at us and re-energised me to pick up more of my coastal photography.

This set, taken in North Narrabeen, was actually my second for the weekend.  The other might appear later, but I was so excited with these shots, they have arrived first!

I should explain something for those who have never been alongside me while I shoot- I get excited when I know I’m getting good shots.  Very excited.  Sunset and dawn shoots amplify this experience because they change constantly and are over in a period of less than an hour.  So typically I get into a mad frenzy, running around and getting very very enthusiastic when I start to get shots I like.  To the point where I may begin talking out loud, in the company of complete strangers. A phrase that I may or may not have exclaimed during this particular session was “I ____ love what I do”.  

So no deep and meaningful undertones here tonight, just let that thought echo in your head as you scroll down the page.