Some pics from a family trip to a vineyard over the weekend.. I captured some amazing blue skies!  Not sure if consuming wine is an accepted form of inspiration (produced by the subject of my photos of course!), but it certainly didnt hurt these images…

 Perfect weather and my circular-polarised filter were all i needed to get these amazing skies!

Between lunch and family photos, I snuck out and snapped a few shots for myself.

I like the way the path draws your eye into the photo and the texture of the gravel adds some interest.

One of only a few photos that I feel look better in pure Black and White; it draws attention to the textures and the lines in the wood without the distraction of colour.

This courtyard was being set up for a wedding, I dodged waiters and tables being carried for these shots.  The blue in the sky is almost surreal!

Perfect country scene from country Australia, could be anywhere, but i’m happy I found it.

Time to leave, as the sun set and lit up all the vines and trees… there is a sort of orange mist descending over the vines in the right side of the shot.